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Achieve the Perfect Appointment Workflow.

Communication is key to preventing disruptions around patient appointments in healthcare. Keep your patients, providers, and staff in sync with the text-first SR Health patient engagement platform.

Leading healthcare organizations trust SR Health for all of the essential communications that surround patient visits.

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SR Health is improving patient experience for leading healthcare organizations.

They know that SR Health is the most practical and innovative solution to drive patient engagement...and they're seeing the impact every day.


Poor appointment communications are impacting your business today.

Patient Engagement No-Show Rates

You're losing revenue from patient no-shows.

Average no-show rates as high as 30% mean up to $300,000 in lost revenue per provider annually.

Health Engagement Reimbursements

You’re missing out on reimbursements.

62% of providers agree that non-adherent patients are affecting quality metrics.

Patient Satisfaction Scores

Patient satisfaction
is suffering.

3 in 10 patients are considering switching providers for a better experience... NOT better care.

SR Health is solving the patient healthcare communication problem.

You HAVE to be prepared for the next curveball the real world throws your organization and your patients. Find out how SR Health is solving urgent, high-stakes communication challenges for our customers.

There is a Perfect Appointment Workflow.

An “appointment” is much more than just the in-person or virtual visit—it’s all of the communications around that visit.

SR Health helps you cover all of the essential touchpoints from scheduling to post-visit follow-up.



You can’t let patients get behind on care plans. Yes, for their outcomes, but also for your bottom line.

•      Recall
•      Outreach
•      Scheduling



You have to ensure that scheduled patients show up, and there are a number of preparation logistics to account for here, including a two-way ability to quickly ask and get responses to questions.

•      Visit Instructions
•      Confirmation
•      Cancellation
•      Reschedule
•      Reminder
•      Answer Questions



The same-day phase of the workflow is also about preparation and logistics, but now includes things like “park and wait” arrival procedures and check-in. Avoid delays and ensure a stellar patient experience.

•      Check-In
•      “Park and Wait”
•      Telehealth
•      Answer Questions

The Visit


This is the time we generally think of as the “visit.” It’s your best opportunity to verify patient preferences to ensure the highest level of engagement with your communications.



The focus here is making sure patients do what you’ve asked them to do. You also create a feedback loop on how to improve their experience going forward.

•      Instructions
•      Surveys
•      Billing Questions

Scalable and flexible medical engagement platform.

The SR Health patient engagement platform is designed to grow and scale with your organization, with features that include:

Roles and Permissions, User Administration, Security and Compliance, Analytics, Specialty Management

True partnership.

Proven best practices, hands-on implementation and ongoing support. Customers are raving about their SR Health partnership experience:


“The implementation was phenomenal.”

“SR Health training was very comprehensive...The team that was trained and using the system day to day were able to pick up the information very quickly.”

“The training we get from SR Health is great, and they are quick to train our staff members who need additional training. They have made themselves available so many times.”

“SR Health’s support team is very responsive and are always there day and night.”


Real results.

These are just a few examples of how our health engagement software has helped teams like yours see the benefits of a Perfect Appointment Workflow:

Pediatric Physicians Organization of Children’s reduced no-shows to under four percent, saving over 10,000 appointments a year.


Infirmary Health increased patient survey completion by nearly 800 percent.


An Alaska-based health system scheduled 5,000 vaccine appointments off a group text message to 10,000 eligible patients.

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