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Patient engagement for the real world.

No one knows what will happen next. But you can’t wait and see. SR Health allows you to keep your patients informed now. Virtual or in-person care, many patients or one-on-one, with the text-first, self-service SR Health platform you’ll be prepared.

Even leading healthcare organizations need patient communication expertise. SR Health is delivering.

They know that SR Health is the most practical and innovative solution to drive patient engagement...and they're seeing the impact every day.

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SR Health is improving patient experience for leading healthcare organizations.

They know that SR Health is the most practical and innovative solution to drive patient engagement...and they're seeing the impact every day.


Automated Appointment Reminders


Delivering automated reminders that use patient preferences for timing, language, and delivery—text, email, voice—can reduce no-shows to five percent or less.

Automated Patient Recall

As many as 40 percent of patients don’t schedule the care they need. You can change that and improve both their outcomes and your bottom line with automated recall that is based on demographics or diagnoses.

Chronic Care Messaging

The key to improved patient outcomes is better patient engagement and communication. SR Health allows you to stay in contact through customized, personalized communications that help patients stay on track.

Digital Patient Intake

Supporting safety, changing patient expectations, and virtual care require a digital workflow across the patient journey. Electronic patient intake through SR Health allows patients to complete forms at their convenience, ensures information is accurate and up-to-date, saves you time, and works for any visit type.

Group Messaging

How do you manage communication for health emergencies like COVID, preventive care needs like flu shots, or an urgent closure due to natural disaster? Reach a group of patients, or all patients, quickly and easily without adding a huge burden on your staff.

Itinerary Page

Do you serve patients who come in for multiple appointments or to see more than one provider? The itinerary page allows you to combine information for multiple appointments into a single view and include other pre-visit instructions, including access to a map or wayfinding from the parking lot to the provider’s office.

Patient Surveys

SR Health automates patient surveys to track satisfaction and get feedback. Leverage the customization within SR Health and target patient surveys to specific groups to further improve patient relationships and loyalty.

Pre-Visit Instructions

An unprepared patient can mean delaying an appointment that they need to manage their care and lost revenue due to last-minute rescheduling. Providing pre-appointment instructions within automated reminders helps patients show up on time and ready to go for any type of appointment—virtual or in-person.


More than half of all patients expect telemedicine to be part of their healthcare future. Telehealth can address most issues and helps reduce costs. SR Health provides all the tools to support virtual care, including an easy-to-use secure, high-resolution video visit tool.

Touchless Office

Offer a no-contact patient experience from scheduling through follow-up care reminders. No waiting rooms. No clipboards. Build confidence among your patients and staff without sacrificing quality of care.

Two-Way Text Messaging

Patient interest in phone calls has been falling for years, and it took a 14 percent dive in 2020 alone. Meet patients where they are with real-time, two-way text. It’s compliant and convenient with no apps to download. It also supports virtual and in-person care by enabling activities like “park and text” and on-demand support for telehealth.

Virtual Care

SR Health brings the fragmented processes around scheduling, intake and pre-visit screening, appointment reminders, and the actual telehealth encounter into single, seamless experience. Access an end-to-end solution that facilitates both face-to-face and virtual visits by text, phone, or video.

SR Health is solving the patient communication problem.

You HAVE to be prepared for the next curveball the real world throws your organization and your patients. Find out how SR Health is solving urgent, high-stakes communication challenges for our customers.

What happens if you sit back and wait?

It’s simply not an option. Patient communication has changed forever. Healthcare teams MUST embrace new technologies and strategies right now, and they’re doing it with SR Health.

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Patient Access/Experience

Fifty-eight percent of patients switch providers because they’re looking for better treatment or better service. If you don’t deliver, they’ll go elsewhere. 

You need to give patients digital tools to interact with you. That’s SR Health.

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Healthcare costs continue to soar as a result of inefficiencies in managing and delivering care. The answer can’t simply be to hire more staff.  

You need efficiency without sacrificing experience. That’s SR Health.

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CEO/Executive Director

Healthcare is more competitive than ever. To create the best patient experience, improve outcomes, and increase revenue, you need a streamlined digital communication workflow.   

You need messaging tools that allow you to address anything that comes your way. That’s SR Health.

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Managing the technology for a healthcare organization is really complex and expensive. Especially when you have many different systems that don’t work well with each other. 

You need a full suite of patient engagement tools in one place that reduces the burden on your IT staff. That’s SR Health.

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Clinical/Care Teams

Care plan non-adherence results in 125,000 deaths and nearly $300 billion lost each year in the U.S. alone. Better patient engagement and communication will reduce these impacts.  

You need a targeted approach to improve outcomes. That’s SR Health.

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Finance/Revenue Cycle

Each and every day, missed appointments and manual processes are costing you thousands. Margins are too tight to let that revenue slip through the cracks. 

You need a streamlined workflow that reduces manual work while increasing appointment revenue. That’s SR Health.

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SR Health is the partner you need.

Experience. Expertise. And the tools to make it happen.


SR Health was built using 20 years of experience working with 50,000 organizations. We were the first to send a text message in healthcare, and we’ve been leading patient engagement innovation ever since, connecting 80 million patients to their providers today.



Some at SR Health believe that service is our most important product. And it’s hard to disagree. Our Professional Services team facilitates an onboarding and ongoing partnership with our customers that is second to none in the industry.



A text-first platform that puts every patient interaction at every point in their care journey right at your team’s fingertips. SR Health delivers a true ongoing dialogue with your patients.

Built for the challenges of all healthcare organizations.

Hospitals and Health Systems
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The bigger you are, the harder it is to effectively engage patients. SR Health has the tools to personalize communication to one patient or thousands of patients.

Modern patient communication that gives you total control. That’s SR Health.

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Community Health
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You serve some of the highest need patients who are often the least responsive. You need the tools from SR Health to connect and engage them effectively.

Personalized patient communication that works. That’s SR Health.

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Physician Groups
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Every physician group is unique, and so are all the practices they support. SR Health was built to be scalable and flexible for organizations of any size.

A solution that reflects the structure and unique patient engagement needs of your group. That’s SR Health.

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Independent Practices
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You need to engage patients effectively to stay competitive. SR Health helps you keep patients engaged, scheduling, and showing up.

A communication solution that delivers better financial and patient outcomes. That’s SR Health.

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