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10 Communication Needs Patients Will Demand in the COVID World

Thursday, July 16th - 1:00 pm EDT
Leslie Baker, Executive VP of Operations, Allied Physicians Group
Justin Everette, VP, Marketing, SR Health by Solutionreach

Patients will have new communication expectations of their providers going forward, and they can be categorized in three general ways: WHAT, WHEN, and HOW. After attending this webinar, you’ll come away with actionable adjustments and additions you can make to patient engagement and communications strategies to improve patient outcomes and drive greater patient satisfactions, and do so in a way that is operationally-friendly for your providers and staff.

Join the webinar for insight into these “new world” patient communication demands:

  • WHAT you should be communicating to patients regarding upcoming appointments, ongoing care, and more
  • WHEN you should be connecting with patients throughout their care journey
  • HOW to best reach patients in a way that prioritizes safety and increased engagement