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5 Innovative Ways to Engage Patients Safely during COVID

Posted by Lea Chatham on Sep 23, 2020 7:40:27 AM

Recently, we reached out to customers, consultants, and other healthcare experts to ask for their innovative suggestions on how to engage and serve patients during COVID. We had many good responses and collected them into a new guide that has 20 great ideas. We wanted to share some of them here.

  1. Leslie Baker, executive vice president of operations at Allied Physicians Group, says they have been offering webinars on hot topics such as navigating COVID and children, asthma education, newborn basics, and more. This allows them to be a trusted resource for parents even when it isn't as easy to come in to the office.

  2. Coding and billing expert Elizabeth Woodcock of Woodcock and Associates suggests going back and manually reaching out to any patients who still haven't rescheduled appointments that were cancelled or missed earlier. "Patients may not realize you’ve returned to seeing patients, and even if they do, your communication about the missed appointment conveys that you care," she says.

  3. Two well-known patient and care partner advocates, Dave deBronkart and Dr. Grace Cordovano, suggest now is the time for Open Notes if you aren't already doing it. Research has shown that patients want to be more engaged and have more access to their notes. With many patients not coming in due to fear of COVID, you need all the tools at your disposal to engage them in their care and encourage compliance.

  4. Providing a mix of in-person and virtual care means you need workflows that can support both effectively. Digital tools like electronic intake and two-way text are being used more heavily than ever to keep patients safe. One innovative way many are using two-way text is  for park and text waiting where patients text on arrival and wait in their car until the office texts them to come in.

  5. Another way many specialty offices are keeping patients safe while continuing to serve them is through curbside pickup. This is a great option for medical device pickup and drop off, glasses and contacts, supplements and skin care products, etc. If your facility has an area already designated for patient pickup and drop off you can use that. If not, some medical offices have asked their city or county office to designate an area in front of their practice for pickup and dropoff.  

These are just some of the great ideas that came up as we developed our new guide. You can download the full guide here or sign up for our upcoming webinar, 20 Tips from Healthcare Leaders to Survive COVID.

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Lea Chatham

Written by Lea Chatham

Lea Chatham is the Director of Content Marketing at Solutionreach and the editor of the SR Health blog. She develops educational resources to help healthcare organizations improve patient engagement. Her work has been published in many leading journals including Physicians Practice and Medical Economics and she has presented webinars for industry groups like MGMA.