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Give a Little to Get a Little

Posted by Lea Chatham on Sep 16, 2020 8:00:00 AM

2020 has brought a lot of challenges in healthcare and beyond. It's easy to get so focused on our own jobs and families, we may forget that there are people with struggles greater than our own. At Solutionreach, we get a good reminder every year in September when we do our month of charity and giving games.

For many of us, it's the best time of the year. Not only is it an amazing feeling to give back to a very worthy cause, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS), but it is a lot of fun too. We play games, do fundraisers, have fun competitions like our talent show, and much more. Even though 2020 is going virtual, we are still trying to have a good time while we support a good cause. And this year, we want to give others a chance to join us in our virtual event.

Why do we want to give everyone a chance to particpate? Because giving back feels good. You get something from helping others. Studies back this up. A Harvard Business School study found that, “happier people give more and giving makes people happier, such that happiness and giving may operate in a positive feedback loop (with happier people giving more, getting happier, and giving even more).”

The concept of giving back applies directly to those in the healthcare industry. We all know that the most successful organizations are the ones that have found a way to create real relationships with their community—a level of trust and respect that makes people want to keep coming back. One awesome way to do this is by giving back.

Did you know?

  • 90 percent of Americans are more likely to trust and be loyal to companies that actively give back
  • 84 percent tell friends and family when they see a company giving back to the community
  • 79 percent of people prefer to work for a company that cares

Giving back not only helps others, but it also helps you gain more patients, a strong reputation, and the best employees. Talk about a win-win-win!

Giving back doesn’t have to be a huge deal. Even small gestures of giving are a great place to start. But whether you’re wanting to go big or small, here are some quick ideas for getting involved:

  1. School events—Whether or not you have pediatric services, remember that children have parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other family members who ARE your patients. So get out there and donate time, resources, and money to the schools in your area.
  2. Sponsorships—There are so many options for sponsorships. Sponsor a Little League team. Sponsor a local concert. Look for ways to sponsor local theaters or dance companies. Support local chapters of various health organizations like LLS, the American Cancer Society, etc.
  3. Chamber of Commerce—Not only does joining the local Chamber of Commerce give credibility to your organization, but it is also a great way to give back and network with other businesses.
  4. Fundraising—This is what we do each year at Solutionreach. We picked a great cause and got everyone involved. You can do the same. Pick a charity and get your employees involved. It could be a month of fun fundraising activities like we do or it could be something tied to a holiday like a gift giving tree for a local shelter. 
  5. Offer free resources to the underserved—If you don't already, consider offering a health fair with free screenings or other screening events. Many organizations offer free diabetes screenings in the community or a half day of peditric screenings once a month. Again, so many options!

We would also LOVE to have you join us in our Giving Games!

We've thought of a couple ways you could do this. 

First, if you take a demo of our product during the month of September, we will donate $50 towards LLS in your name. Simply click here to get started.

If you'd like to team up with us on this, we'd love that as well! You can raise money for LLS along with us and donate it directly using our Giving Games link. We'd LOVE for you to share with us and others on social media the things you've been doing and we can give you a shoutout on social as well. Or share other things you are doing to support your own community or good causes in the comments below. All of our ideas, and yours, can help other get inspred to give back too! Happy giving, everyone!

Lea Chatham

Written by Lea Chatham

Lea Chatham is the Director of Content Marketing at Solutionreach and the editor of the SR Health blog. She develops educational resources to help healthcare organizations improve patient engagement. Her work has been published in many leading journals including Physicians Practice and Medical Economics and she has presented webinars for industry groups like MGMA.