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Large Group Quickly Shifts to Telemedicine with Help from SR Health

After consolidation in 2018, Community Care Physicians, P.C. (CCP) was faced with the challenge of consolidating not only organizations but also technology. One of their first goals was to get every practice on the same patient communication system. "It wasn't just that we wanted everyone on the same software, we wanted something that integrated with Allscripts," explains Craig Dreher, Chief Information Officer at CCP. "We needed a better tool than what we had, but there were other factors too. We wanted reminders with voice and text that were flexible, and we wanted real-time, two-way text as well. Of course, the cost was a factor, too." 

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Using AI to Augment Your Healthcare Organization

Even before the coronavirus hit life as we knew it, healthcare was already stretched and trying to figure out how it was going to be able to offer personalized care to patients. The reality in healthcare is that there are not enough doctors, nurses, or staff to be able to offer the kind of personalized care and attention that patients need and desire.  It’s easy to see that there are more of them (patients) than there are of us (clinicians).

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Free Webinar: AI & Patient Experience, A Balancing Act

Just because HIMSS2020 was cancelled doesn't mean you can't get some great education. This session was planned for HIMSS and now being offered as a free webinar instead.
AI & Patient Experience: A Balancing Act
Wednesday, March 18
9 AM PT / 12 PM ET
Healthcare organizations must recognize a key difference between patients and “consumers.” That difference is the unique relationship people have with their healthcare providers. While patients do want consumer-like conveniences and personalization, hospitals and health systems must strike the right balance between technology and human interaction to ensure patients feel valued as individuals.
During this webinar,   Kevin Pawl, Senior Director of Patient Access at Boston Children’s Hospital and Nagi Prabhu, Chief Product Officer at Solutionreach,  will invite attendees to examine how to integrate AI into patient communication in ways that enhance and personalize the patient experience. By sharing challenges and opportunities identified at Boston Children’s, they will help attendees develop communication and access strategies that strengthen the patient/provider relationship. After attending this session, you'll be able to:
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This Infographic Proves Healthcare is Ready for AI to Improve Patient Experience

If you've been wondering if AI is really ready to help your organization improve patient communication and experience, wonder no more. The data in this infographic leaves no question about it. AI is absolutely the next phase of hospital and health system patient engagement.

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Can Your Robot Do This? - Pick Tasks that Can be Solved Today

Artificial Intelligence will not replace companies. But companies that use AI will replace ones who don’t. That observation came out in a speech I heard in September from a brilliant young doctor, friend, and colleague, Dr. Bertalan Meskó. Based in Budapest and lecturing at Semmelweis University, he calls himself The Medical Futurist. He is indeed: more than any physician I’ve met, he has a firm grip on the potential and the limitations of new technology.

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