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Extent of Deferred Care During COVID Stresses Necessity of Recall

We knew that there were major gaps in Americans getting much-needed healthcare during COVID, but the results of a new study reveal just how widespread that neglected care was.

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Texting a Valuable Tool for Improving SDOH and Chronic Conditions

Lea Chatham, director of marketing programs with SR Health by Solultionreach, presented the Health Leaders webinar, “Patient Communication Strategies to Address SDOH and Chronic Conditions,” on May 26. The following is an overview of some of the key takeaways and insights from her presentation.

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Free Webinars: Addressing SDOH and Chronic Conditions & Keys to a Perfect Appointment Workflow

“Patient Communication Strategies to Address SDOH and Chronic Conditions”

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A Chronic Care Patient’s Perspective on Boundaries and Consent

There are many changes I would like to see in 2021. Universal healthcare, check. More accessible healthcare to vulnerable populations, yes please. Lower price of healthcare, of course. Unfortunately, we will not see those changes in 2021 because each will take a lifetime and a half to happen.

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