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Four Ways Healthcare Organizations Can Improve Their Recovery and Be Well Positioned for the Future

Every healthcare organization is suffering financially amidst COVID-19. The only question is how much they are suffering. While everyone is dealing with the challenges brought on by COVID-19, there are a number of things healthcare organizations can do now to make sure that their organization recovers from the financial impacts and is well positioned to thrive in the future. Here are four I think every healthcare organization should be doing.

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Simple Tips for Patient Email Compliance

Last week, we looked at some keys to staying compliant when text messaging with patients. As a quick follow up, it made sense to also provide a few tips on email compliance. As patients are less and less likely to want phones calls, more communications need to be done using text and email.

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Answers to Common Patient Text Messaging Compliance Questions

Earlier this week we posted some best practices for "park & text" waiting for patients. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the use of text messaging has grown as much as the use of telemedicine. It's faster and easier than phone calls and lets organizations reach more people with critical information. It's also great for quick follow ups or last minute pre-screening as well as new techniques like the "park & text" mentioned above.

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6 Steps for Successful Park & Text Waiting

As COVID-19 continues to impact communities, many healthcare organizations are open and seeing patients. To support the safety of patients and staff, those organizations need to use new tools and strategies to support social distancing. One strategy that is becoming popular is to eliminate the in-office waiting room and ask patients to “park & text” or wait outside and text. This process is easy to set up and support. Here are several tips to make it effective.

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Latest Research Shows Patients Are Very Open to Ongoing Use of Telehealth

In another recent post, we shared some of the latest data on how patient satisfaction SR Health by Solutionreach collected some of the last known data about pre-COVID-19 patient communication preferences when it commissioned a study in early 2020 to better understand patients’ communication likes and dislikes at four key parts of the patient journey: scheduling, patient care, financial, and patient outreach. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, SR Health conducted another survey to capture its impact on the same four parts of the patient journey, as well as on telehealth.

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Medical Center Improves Outcomes and Reduces No-Shows by 80%

Community Medical Center (CMC) in Falls City, Nebraska is a 25-bed critical access hospital and multi-specialty rural health clinic that serves a small community of about 4,000 people. They strive to meet a wide range of healthcare needs for their rural community. It’s a very personal mission for the organization and the staff who know every patient by name. After struggling with a high no-show rate and poor patient outcomes, they knew they needed to make a change. They decided to give Solutionreach a try. 

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Five Ways to Elevate the Remote Patient (and Caregiver) Experience

Over four months into the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home (WFH) and remote teams have become the norm for many industries. Telemedicine is in full swing and many of the major adoption, implementation, and reimbursement challenges have been worked out. On average, physicians, staff, patients, and their carepartners have gone through the learning curve and settled in to virtual care. In this virtual care world, where technology, workflows, policies, reimbursement frameworks, and the status quo have rapidly changed, why is the outdated concept of a patient still frozen in time?

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New Research Suggests Phone Calls Are Out, Automation Is In

SR Health by Solutionreach commissioned a two-part patient research study to better understand if COVID-19 impacted:

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Free Webinar to Present Latest Patient Communication Survey Results

Free Webinar: 11 Brand New Patient Communication Survey Results and What They Mean 
Thursday, July 30
10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET
Presented by the SR Health researchers:
Justin Everette, VP, Marketing, SR Health by Solutionreach
Lea Chatham, Director of Content, SR Health by Solutionreach

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Study Shows Automated Communications Improve Patient Outcomes

No one wants to invest in solutions that won't provide a return on investment or make a measurable difference in patient experience. Ideally, you want to set clear goals for improvements and choose a solution that will help you reach those goals. Seeing data or first-hand accounts can help you choose the right solutions.

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