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Telehealth Usage Drops But Still Fills Vital Role for Many

Despite the utility and convenience of telehealth visits for patients during the COVID pandemic, a new report shows that its use declined for the third straight month in April.

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4 Tips to Staying Relevant Amid the COVID-Accelerated Digital Transformation

Much like in the consumer world, a digital transformation is taking place in healthcare that is impacting how providers ultimately deliver care. More importantly, it’s changing the way we interact with and engage patients.

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Webinar Recap: ‘Three Keys to Building a Perfect Appointment Workflow’

Lea Chatham, director of marketing programs with SR Health by Solutionreach, presented the webinar, “Three Keys to Building a Perfect Appointment Workflow,” June 9. You can watch the webinar in its entirety here.

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6 Ways Your Appointment Workflow Is Costing You (And How to Fix It)

Everyone knows that the COVID pandemic hurt healthcare providers in more ways than one. It led to massive interruptions in patient care that took a direct hit on your bottom line. And for many, that pain persists. According to a recent MGMA poll, nearly half of medical practices report that visit volumes are still below pre-pandemic levels.

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Free Webinars: Addressing SDOH and Chronic Conditions & Keys to a Perfect Appointment Workflow

“Patient Communication Strategies to Address SDOH and Chronic Conditions”

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May Webinars & Events: Patient Communication Success and Patient Access Improvement

"Patient Communication: What's Working Right Now"

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6 Appointment Reminder Best Practices to Boost Your Patient Engagement

Missed appointments can be agonizing to healthcare organizations on a variety of levels. They leave empty slots in your schedule, require extra rescheduling work for staff, and can really take a chunk out of your bottom line. Average no-show rates can range anywhere from 10 to 30 percent depending on your type of practice and nick you in the wallet to the tune of $150,000 to $300,000 annually per provider. That’s some serious road rash.

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Minimize Disruptions By Creating a More Perfect Appointment Workflow

Nagging, headache-inducing, and often downright painful, disruptions are unfortunately a part of life for healthcare organizations. They come in many forms, whether they be patient-driven, internal issues, or unpredictable “acts of God,” disruptions to a provider’s appointment schedule can wreak havoc on profitability.

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