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4 Ways to Maximize the Newest Phase of the Vaccine Rollout

While mass vaccination sites were clearly indispensable when we needed to get shots in arms as quickly as possible to those who wanted them, most large-scale vaccinations centers around the country now folding as demand flattens out. The challenge now to healthcare is to continue to roll out the vaccine to a significant remainder of Americans at more localized sites such as doctors’ offices, pharmacies, and temporary walk-up clinics.

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Healthcare CIOs Say Patient Engagement Tech Top Priority for 2021

Hospital and health system CIOs pegged patient engagement technology as their biggest focus for 2021, according to a recent poll. Stoltenberg Consulting’s Health IT Industry Outlook Survey found that 52 percent of healthcare organization CIOs cited patient engagement as the No. 1 issue while continuing to support their organizations’ COVID response efforts.

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Texting a Valuable Tool for Improving SDOH and Chronic Conditions

Lea Chatham, director of marketing programs with SR Health by Solultionreach, presented the Health Leaders webinar, “Patient Communication Strategies to Address SDOH and Chronic Conditions,” on May 26. The following is an overview of some of the key takeaways and insights from her presentation.

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Court Ruling Looks to Be Win for Healthcare Providers and Text Messaging

A recent Supreme Court ruling redefining what constitutes an autodialer under federal law may provide healthcare organizations with even greater latitude to send automated text messages to patients.

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How Texting Has Become an Vital Healthcare Communication Tool

Text messaging celebrates its 30th birthday next year—the first text message was sent in 1992—however it’s creators would hardly recognize their invention which today has evolved into a world-changing communications technology. It’s snowballed from a trendy way for friends to informally chat to be an integral part of day-to-day communications for consumers, businesses, organizations—you name it, they’re using it.

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Free Webinars: COVID Vaccine Rollout and Appointment Workflow

"Proven Communication Strategies to Improve Your COVID Vaccine Rollout"

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Two-Way Texting Delivers Fast and Effortless Patient Communication

For today’s patients, texting is their preferred method to connect with their healthcare providers. Check out SR Health’s new video on how two-way text messaging can take patient communications and engagement to the next level. We’d love to get your feedback. Watch the video and share your thoughts in the comments section below. Your input will help us continue to refine our solutions to meet your demands.

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Beryl Institute Webinar on the Data around Texting with Patients

Facilitated by patient experience leaders from around the world, Beryl Institute webinars share proven practices and strategies to implement in your own organization. Participation in webinars and access to on-demand webinars is included with membership to the Institute. Non-Members can purchase webinars at a cost of $99 each.

December 3, 2-3 PM ET

What the Latest Data Tells Us about Engaging Patients through Text
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SR Health Is Improving Patient Communication for Klein Dermatology

Klein Dermatology has improved patient communication and is keeping patients and staff safe with help from SR Health. Two-way text messaging, digital intake forms, and other features save time, reduce errors, and create a better patient experience. Watch this short video to hear about their experience.

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10 Stats That Show Us Why Text Is Next with Patients

Communication in healthcare has never been more challenging. In 2017, we wrote a piece called “What’s Next with Text” where we looked at the growing trend of using text messaging in healthcare to communicate with patients. For years, we’ve been sounding the alarm that healthcare needed to get onboard with text messaging. Then, COVID-19 hit. And we can see how critical text messaging is in getting information out quickly and ensuring patients see it. In our new and updated guide on why text is next we shared 10 stats that prove it, and here they are:

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