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Convenience Versus the Patient-Provider Relationship: Who Wins?

Though in the past, healthcare consumers routinely ranked the patient-provider relationship as their top healthcare priority, convenience seems to have surpassed it in recent years.

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Rising Patient Costs Raise Stakes for More Effective Engagement

New research shows that patient out-of-pocket healthcare expenses rose by 10 percent since 2020 and will likely increase at the same rate between now and 2026.

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7 Tips to Keep Your Patients Safe as Late-Summer COVID Surge Hits

While we’re hoping it’s just a temporary setback, recent data showing a trending uptick in COVID cases and hospitalizations in the U.S. and around the world is a sure sign that greater precautions are called for.

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Webinar Recap: ‘3 Keys to Increasing Appointments in 2021’

Vinitha Ramnathan, Senior Director of Product Strategy with SR Health by Solutionreach, presented the webinar “3 Keys to Increasing Appointments in 2021” on July 20. Watch the webinar in its entirety here.

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Free July Webinar: 3 Keys to Increasing Appointments in 2021

“3 Keys to Increasing Appointments in 2021”

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4 Tips to Staying Relevant Amid the COVID-Accelerated Digital Transformation

Much like in the consumer world, a digital transformation is taking place in healthcare that is impacting how providers ultimately deliver care. More importantly, it’s changing the way we interact with and engage patients.

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Some Do, Some Don’t: Providers Begin Seeing Signs of Pandemic Recovery

As COVID vaccination rates continue to climb this summer, we’re starting to see encouraging signs of life as health systems and medical practices rebound from an abysmal 2020. Nearly 44 percent of the nation’s population is fully vaccinated, including more than 51 percent of people ages 12 and up. This may indicate that patients are feeling more comfortable and safer returning to care visits as the COVID crisis in the U.S. subsides.

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Webinar Recap: ‘Three Keys to Building a Perfect Appointment Workflow’

Lea Chatham, director of marketing programs with SR Health by Solutionreach, presented the webinar, “Three Keys to Building a Perfect Appointment Workflow,” June 9. You can watch the webinar in its entirety here.

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4 Ways to Maximize the Newest Phase of the Vaccine Rollout

While mass vaccination sites were clearly indispensable when we needed to get shots in arms as quickly as possible to those who wanted them, most large-scale vaccinations centers around the country now folding as demand flattens out. The challenge now to healthcare is to continue to roll out the vaccine to a significant remainder of Americans at more localized sites such as doctors’ offices, pharmacies, and temporary walk-up clinics.

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Healthcare CIOs Say Patient Engagement Tech Top Priority for 2021

Hospital and health system CIOs pegged patient engagement technology as their biggest focus for 2021, according to a recent poll. Stoltenberg Consulting’s Health IT Industry Outlook Survey found that 52 percent of healthcare organization CIOs cited patient engagement as the No. 1 issue while continuing to support their organizations’ COVID response efforts.

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