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Pediatric Group Connects with Multiple Generations through Text Messaging

For an organization that serves 400,000 children in over a million visits a year, a five percent no-show rate has a big impact on the bottom line. That five percent is over 50,000 missed appointments a year. In addition, pediatric organizations face the unique challenge of not just engaging parents but also children over age 13.

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Data Shows Best Timing for Best Appointment Confirmation Rate

Are you relying on your gut to tell you when and how to send reminders to patients? Or using some old pre-set schedule from back in the day? The days of guessing about when and how to send reminders are over.

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Three Top Strategies for Combatting Patient No-Shows

No-shows are unfortunately pretty common with rates that range from 15 to 30 percent in general medicine
clinics and urban community centers, and as high as 50 percent in primary care facilities. No matter how dedicated and organized your organization may be, it’s impossible to guarantee that every patient who makes an
appointment will keep it.

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