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How Do I Create a Patient Contact Plan for Emergencies and the Unexpected?

Are you prepared to reach out to your patients at a moment’s notice when there’s an emergency closure or schedule change? Whether it’s natural disasters, inclement weather or a global viral pandemic, the past 18 months have reminded us that any number of events can interrupt provider schedules and operations.

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Some Do, Some Don’t: Providers Begin Seeing Signs of Pandemic Recovery

As COVID vaccination rates continue to climb this summer, we’re starting to see encouraging signs of life as health systems and medical practices rebound from an abysmal 2020. Nearly 44 percent of the nation’s population is fully vaccinated, including more than 51 percent of people ages 12 and up. This may indicate that patients are feeling more comfortable and safer returning to care visits as the COVID crisis in the U.S. subsides.

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5 Tips to Step Up Your Patient Recall Efforts

Got the missed appointment blues? You’re not alone. Missed appointments were already a vulnerability for healthcare, and the shock to the system from the COVID-19 pandemic only exacerbated that weakness.

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Free Webinars: Data-Driven Scheduling Strategies and Designing a Digital Patient Experience

“Data-Driven Strategies to Keep Your Schedule Full in the Post-COVID World”

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Is Phone Call Scheduling Providers’ Next Dodo Bird?

It’s funny how with all the modern technology we have available to us, sometimes we still cling to outdated, essentially obsolete devices and tools that belong in a glistening museum display case rather than a healthcare facility.

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Free Webinars: COVID Vaccine Rollout and Appointment Workflow

"Proven Communication Strategies to Improve Your COVID Vaccine Rollout"

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5 Benefits of a New Appointment Workflow

From a scheduling standpoint, there’s nothing more frustrating for a healthcare organization than a recurrent pattern of patients showing up late or unprepared for appointments, late cancellations, and no-shows. It’s too late at that point to fill those appointment slots. It’s not only inefficient and wastes the time of staff members, but it can also be costly from a revenue perspective.

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