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Get 30 free days of messaging to help with COVID-19 communication.

SR Health messaging can be deployed within 48 hours. 

Broadcast messaging - Deliver email and text messages to educate and inform patients about the emergency situation. Create the content and initiate message delivery with a click of a button.

Group messaging - Use SR Health to reach out to a specific sub-set of patients via email, text, or automated voice.

Two-way text messaging - Offer patients access from the comfort of their home by allowing them to text instead of calling in to the office or call center. It also helps minimize waiting room and check-in traffic. Patients can check-in via text from their vehicles, and staff can reply with a text when it is time for them to see their provider.

Telehealth integration - Appointment reminders and pre-visit instructions can include links to telemedicine solutions. Enable patients to receive the care they need while maintaining social distancing.

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