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Physician Group Sees $5.2M in Additional Revenue

The 35 practices in Allied Physicians Group needed a more effective way to communicate with their patients. Download this case study to find out how Solutionreach improved communication and patient engagement.


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Allied Physicians Group is one of the largest private medical partnerships in the New York metropolitan area. The group is comprised of more than 150 physicians in over 35 locations, who work together to provide patient-centered care and improve their practices. The practices were using an appointment reminder system that would only call landline telephone numbers before they decided to try the automated text and email reminders from Solutionreach.

Case Study

Leslie Tarver, vice president of patient experience and marketing, wanted a more effective way for the 35 locations of Allied Physicians Group to communicate with their patients.“

We needed to provide a solution that offered text messaging,” Leslie explains. “We saw that’s where our patients wanted to communicate, and Solutionreach gave that to us. ”In just a few weeks, Allied Physicians Group was able to implement Solutionreach, and receive the needed training to start using the features. “It was the smoothest transition we’ve had with any vendor,” says Leslie. “It’s great to have everyone on the same solution, and the platform is very easy to use. Most of the offices picked it up in one 30-minute training session. ”Dr. Stewart Samuel, pediatrician and chairperson of the Clinical Technology Committee agrees with Leslie.“We’ve been very pleased with Solutionreach,” Dr. Samuel says. “It’s useful, easy to use, and has been well-received with our patients.”


Recall Messages

One of the features Allied Physicians Group has seen the most benefit from is recall messages. Since implementing Solutionreach, the practices have sent over 166,000 recall reminders to their patients. Not only are the practices’ staff spending less time making phone calls, they are also seeing the increase in revenue from patients scheduling appointments.“Just focusing on the recall feature alone, one well-visit that was scheduled due to Solutionreach covers the cost of the product,” explains Leslie. “It saves staff time in addition to the revenue coming in from those visits.” For the practices in Allied Physicians Group, the increase in revenue is well-worth the cost of the tool.“One of the greatest things that’s happened for us in the last year is the increase in recall visits,” Leslie says. “We were able to see a $5.2 million return on investment just in the well-visits coming in.”



The practices in Allied Physicians Group appreciate the ability to text their patients too.“We’re happy to have a texting solution,” Dr. Samuel says. “The expectations are that everything is on a mobile phone. We can leave a message on a home phone number, and while some patients respond to that, we get a much better response rate to texts.”A common piece of feedback Leslie hears from office managers is how easy Solutionreach makes it to engage with patients. “If a patient forgets their jacket, the staff can just send a text,” says Leslie. “Or our billing department can send a text asking a patient to call a specific person to discuss their invoice. It’s easy, and we don’t have to pick up the phone and try to track down the patient.”The practices in Allied Physicians Group send over 20,000 text messages each month, and Dr. Samuel appreciates the time his staff can spend with patients without constantly being interrupted by phone calls. “There is absolutely less work done on the phones,” Dr. Samuel says. “It’s allowed our staff to focus more on patients checking in and handle the minute-to-minute business in the office.”

Practice Management Integration

The practices in Allied Physicians Group use GE Centricity as their practice management software, a product Solutionreach has recently partnered with.“The integration with GE is perfect because it allows a lot more to be automated,” explains Leslie. “There are a lot of vendors that offer a text or email confirmation system, but it’s not helpful if it’s not fully integrated with the PM.”Both Dr. Samuel and Leslie believe Solutionreach has benefited the practices in Allied Physicians Group. “I only know Solutionreach from the standpoint of a large organization,” Dr. Samuel states. “But I know when my office manager isn’t coming to me with a problem, it’s working for her. I would recommend Solutionreach to anyone who is looking for a suite of solutions,” says Leslie. “It’s a great solution for a multitude of needs in healthcare.”