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Healthcare Innovation Article Highlights Use Case for AI in Patient Engagement

Posted by Solutionreach on Feb 14, 2020 9:15:00 AM

An article in the publication Helthcare Innovation takes a look at the role artificial intelligence can play in patient engagement and communication. 

The author intereviewed Kevin Pawl, senior director of patient access at Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH), and Nagi Pabhu, Solutionreach's chief product officer, about the future of AI in patient communication. They discussed the buzz around using AI to help reduce call center volume and improve patient experience, which are prioties for BCH.

"Nagi Prabhu, chief product officer, at Solutionreach, a technology company that develops patient relationship management solutions, believes that the industry must progress toward doing higher-level jobs while letting the lower-level jobs be done by machines," says the article. "As it relates to patient-provider communication specifically, Prabhu says, 'There is communication happening between a patient and a provider or organization, and we want to be in that conversation, and as much as possible, we would like to see if we can automate it and [shift] the conversation to be at a more intellectual level, rather than at a mundane, routine level.'”

For more insights on what BCH is doing and the role AI can play in aptient communication, read the full article in Healthcare Innovation.

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