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New on HIT Outcomes, "Bridging the Digital Divide: Virtual Care Access for Everyone"

Posted by Josh Weiner on Mar 23, 2021 10:08:19 AM

In a new article in Health IT Outcomes, SR Health CEO Josh Weiner looks at the growth of virtual care and the data that suggests it is hear to stay. He goes on to look at some of the ongoing issues like broadband access that make offering this service to everyone a challenge in some places. Then, offers some ways to help address that challenge.

In the article, Weiner explains, "However, as with most technologies, not everyone is on a level playing field, particularly when it comes to access. Despite exponential telecommunications technology development, there are still rural areas of the U.S. where broadband internet service is not available. In a 2019 report, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) projected that 21 million Americans didn’t have broadband access. As a result, the agency approved more than $20 billion for a Rural Digital Opportunity fund to help extend services to those residents. Yet a subsequent report from Broadband Now suggests that not only were the FCC’s estimates off but that the actual number of Americans without broadband is double that at 42 million. Some have even referred to this disparity in technology access as a 'digital divide.'"

Learn about some ways healthcare providers can help address these issues as the country works to expand broadband access over time in the full article in Health IT Outcomes.  

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