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New on Medical Economics, “Tools of the Trade: Attracting and Keeping Patients in a More Fluid Market”

Posted by Mike Rigert on Jul 29, 2021 8:30:00 AM

In a new article on Medical Economics, SR Health by Solutionreach CEO Josh Weiner looks at how shifting patient communication preferences and a focus on greater consumerism have patients demanding more when it comes to patient-provider interaction.

In the article, Josh says, “Today’s patients—both young and old— are more likely than ever to view their healthcare options through the lens of a consumer. That is to say they no longer feel obligated to stay with providers who don’t deliver a satisfying, digitally connected care experience … Providers will need to look to patient engagement solutions to match trending patient predilections and expectations in order to competitively retain and attract patients.”

To learn more about the technology and tools providers crucial to successful patient acquisition and retention in a more consumer-driven, patient-centric market, read the full article on Medical Economics.

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