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"New Research Shows Patient Preferences Changing" in PAHCOM Journal

Posted by Lea Chatham on Jan 21, 2021 12:00:00 PM

A new article in the PAHCOM Journal takes a look  at the latest research on how the COVID pandemic has affected patient satisfaction and communication preferences.

According to the article, we aren't facing new problems. The problems are just more evident and prevalent. "While satisfaction was higher before COVID-19, patients were still highly likely to have complaints about service and communication," says the article. "In fact, 53 percent of patients said poor communication was their top complaint in an Advisory Board study before the pandemic. The challenges posed since March 2020 have highlighted the problems and made them more visible because getting accurate, timely information or answers to questions can feel like life or death to patients today."

Find out more about how COVID is impacting patient communication and what can be done to address these issues in the full article in the PAHCOM Journal.

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