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Now on Health IT Outcomes, "Is It Time to Get Away from the Idea of Patient Experience?"

Posted by Josh Weiner on Nov 6, 2020 8:15:00 AM

SR Health by Solutionreach president and CEO, Josh Weiner has a new article on Health IT Outcomes where he looks at the need to change from episodic care to ongoing care.

"The real shift we need to be making is away from thinking of healthcare as an experience and toward thinking about healthcare as an integral part of our daily lives," says Weiner in the article. "Whether virtual or in-person, healthcare should be a seamless part of life, fluidly integrated into every day through ubiquitous and inexpensive technologies. It should be more of an ongoing conversation and less of a one-off encounter. The tools that can help us get there are simple things like two-way text, telehealth, and AI-driven text and chatbots."

He goes on to discuss why now is the time to start making this shift. People are avoiding the doctor, and they are getting sicker. We need to find better ways to make healthcare a part of patients' lives so they feel connected and engaged and know how to get the care they need. For more insights from Josh Weiner on this topic, read the full article on Health IT Outcomes.

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