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Read AI Can Overhaul Patient Experience Now on Mobile Health News

Posted by Lea Chatham on Apr 9, 2020 11:45:00 AM

A recent article on Mobile Health News reviews the information shared in the digital HIMSS session, AI and Patient Experience - A Balancing Act, presented by Nagi Prabhu, chief product officer for SR Health by Solutionreach, and Kevin Pawl, senior director of patient access at Boston Children's Hospital.

According to the article, "The consumerism adopted by other sectors doesn't always translate cleanly into healthcare, says Nagi Prabhu, chief product officer at Solutionreach. Whereas people may be ready to trust automation to handle their deliveries or even manage their finances, they still prefer the human touch when it comes to their personal health."

It goes on to say, "Despite the challenge, healthcare still has a number of "low-hanging fruit" use cases where automation can reduce the strain on healthcare staff without harming overall patient experience, Prabhu said. Chief among these patient communications, scheduling and patient feedback analysis, where the past decade's investments into natural language processing and machine learning have yielded tools that can handle straightforward requests at scale."

To learn more about the session and the use cases, challenges, and success strategies provided by Prabhu and Pawl, read the full article.

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