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Read Finding the Balance between Patient Outreach and Care with Technology on Health IT Outcomes

Posted by Josh Weiner on Mar 3, 2020 11:30:00 AM

Josh Weiner, CEO of Solutionreach, looks at how AI-driven patient engagement technology can help healthcare organizations more effectively balance ongoing care and outreach in a new article in Health IT Outcomes.

Weiner explains, "Creating a personalized, engaging experience for patients can be harder for large organizations where patients often don’t interact with the same person. This lack of a personal connection can translate to higher no-show rates and lower patient satisfaction for bigger facilities. This is compounded by studies that suggest larger healthcare organizations may also have higher costs for payers and patients."

He goes on to look at how AI can personalize patient communications, create more convenience for patients, and alleviate staff burden. He details some of the best ways to use patient engagement technology and AI to achieve this. To find out more about his suggestions, read the full article on Health IT Outcomes

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