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Read "How Physicians Can Humanize Virtual Care" on Medical Economics

Posted by Josh Weiner on Oct 28, 2020 8:24:01 AM

In a new article in Medical Economics, Josh Weiner, president and CEO of SR Health by Solutionreach, looks at how virtual care can create personal connections between providers and patients.

"For years, we’ve assumed that physicians and patients must sit together in the same exam room to develop personal, trust-filled relationships," says Weiner in the article. "But COVID-19 has proven that communication technology can create enormously personal connections. In fact, virtual care may help deepen physician-patient relationships simply because it invites care conversations into the comfort of patients’ homes within the context of their daily lives."

Weiner goes on to explain how a virtual visit can be like the house calls of old, and with addition of other digital communication tools, it can help create a very personal and ongoing connection with patients. To learn more about the technology and strategies needed to make virtual care personal and engaging, read the full article in Medical Economics.

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