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Read Looking to 2021: Why We Need to Focus on Virtual Care in HIT Outcomes

Posted by Josh Weiner on Dec 17, 2020 2:15:00 PM

In a new article in Health IT Outcomes, SR Health by Solutionreach CEO Josh Weiner looks at why it's time to improve the virtual care experience and how we can do that.

He says, "Akin to electronic health records’ (EHR) role in technologizing charting, virtual care is the rejuvenation needed for successful patient engagement. The rapid adoption of virtual medicine by health organizations and patients means that it’s not just a Band-Aid; this highly effective patient communication technology is now the new normal."

Weiner then goes on to explain the many ways that organizations can make the workflow and experience around virtual care better for providers, staff, and patients. To learn more read the full article.

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