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Read Making Strides Towards Greater Success in Virtual Care in Health IT Outcomes

Posted by Josh Weiner on Apr 23, 2021 12:51:21 PM

SR Health CEO Josh Weiner has a new article in Health IT Outcomes that looks at how to create a seamless appointment workflow that can support virtual and in-person care more effectively.

"The lynchpin to more effectively ensure that patients schedule appointments and follow-up care is creating a single, more robust appointment workflow that supports both in-person and virtual care visits," explains Josh. "An appointment workflow that employs text messaging and automation to connect with patients at every stage of their healthcare journey helps minimize disruptions such as no-shows while increasing confirmation rates. Through an improved workflow, providers interact with patients at five key steps — schedule, prepare, same-day, visit, and follow-up — rather than only during the visit itself.

Expanding engagement beyond that single "visit" is critical to long-term success, and Josh talks about this in more detail. To learn more, read the full article in Health IT Outcomes.

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