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Use AI to Improve Administrative Operations Now on Medical Economics

Posted by Nagi Prabhu on Sep 11, 2020 8:15:00 AM

In a new article in Medical Economics, Chief Product Officer at SR Health by Solutionreach, Nagi Prabhu, looks at the ways AI can help reduce and improve mundane, repetitive tasks for healthcare organizations.

"There are companies looking to use AI to support many clinical operations, but a lot of these use cases are more aspirational right now than practical," explains Prabhu. "Practically speaking, AI probably won’t replace the doctor any time soon—it may not even replace staff—but what it will do is help to improve operational efficiency and reduce manual work for mundane, repetitive tasks. Sixty-eight percent of respondents to a Medscape survey said they believe AI-powered software will allow them to spend more time on other important tasks; making life easier for overworked staff and improve the patient experience."

He goes on to list several ways AI can be used now and in the near future to improve operational efficiency, save time, and reduce costs. To find out more, read the full article on Medical Economics.

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