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Care Flows

Improving outcomes can help you meet requirements for value-based care programs.
SR Health gives you the tools to increase patient compliance and track their experience.

Increase compliance with automated post-care management.

Patients forget 40 to 80 percent of post-appointment care instructions, resulting in poor outcomes and reduced reimbursement. Send automated follow-up instructions and education to patients based on appointment type to reduce readmittance, improve outcomes, and support value-based care initiatives.

Create targeted patient education.

The number one reason for poor care adherence is poor provider-patient communication. In short, patients don’t know what to do and providers need to do more to support them. A 15-minute visit just isn’t enough to change behavior. Create targeted educational campaigns to maintain an ongoing connection with patients while engaging them in their own wellness, reducing emergency care, and improving management of chronic conditions. Ninety-two percent of patients feel more connected to the hospital and take better care of themselves because of the digital patient education they receive.

Monitor patient experience with post-visit surveys.

Providers need to track patient satisfaction to retain patients and support value-based reimbursement programs. It’s estimated that loss of a patient due to dissatisfaction, can result in the loss of over $200,000 in income over the lifetime of the practice. Set up post-visit and other patient surveys to be delivered to patients using their preferred communication method. Use that feedback to make improvements to boost loyalty and increase revenue.

SR Health Is Solving the Patient Communication Problem

SR Health is a system that has been built to work in large healthcare organizations using what we've learned from billions of patient interactions. Find out how it's changing healthcare to build a better future.

SR Health is different.

The #1 solution for messaging in healthcare hands-down. There isn’t even a second place. Why the confidence? 
It’s patient-friendly.
80 million patients connect with their providers through SR Health technology.
million patients
It’s organization-friendly.
Built for hospitals and healthcare enterprises with all the integrations.
We’re obsessed with success.
20 years of experience and all the guidance you'll need to reach your goals.
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