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Addressing the Needs of 5 Generations with SR Health

Addressing the Needs of 5 Generations with SR Health

SR Health's text-first platform enables nationally top-ranked Boston Children's Hospital to affect more meaningful conversations and interaction with the families it serves.

SR Health represents a new platform to us that's more capable. We're a 420-provider group, over 72 locations in upstate New York. We're large and we're growing so we wanted to engage with a system that would then scale with us and scale to the complexity that it should be as you add more specialties and connect the hospitals and so on.

It's quite an expansive patient engagement platform so we're talking to our patients via text but we're also integrating SR Health into our Cisco phone system, to our website and we've got all these modalities that used to have their own little track to get into the PM system and then to schedule out. Now they're all going through the same pipe. Then to add to that you get your clinical BI engine attached to all of this and you've got a full circle.

I don't know if you've had this experience but you call and the phone rings and rings or you get the voicemail and this inherently creates a work loop for the staff because now they have to check the voicemail and call you back and then you might not be on the other end.

This is the way to solve that problem. Because we have two-way texting. You could text in to us or you could go to the website and come in this way. And then to add the AI bots to that, now you've got some real game going and you can start to impact the very heavy load that we have in the front office.

We're building a relationship with them and this makes it so we can hit them at the right time

with the right message and then on the other on the flip side of that we can put them with the right provider at the right time. They're thinking differently about medicine.They're not necessarily honed into it it has to work a way. It's how do we make it work the best way, most efficient way. We're addressing five different generations of people and they've made it work for all five generations. This is quite compelling!