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Bridging the Gap between Patients and Providers

Bridging the Gap between Patients and Providers

Lisa Sershen, chief digital officer at Westmed Medical Group, discusses why she thinks SR Health is the future of patient communication.

I think we're in a very exciting time as far as healthcare and integration with technology, and I think Solutionreach really has the potential to be that platform that everyone is looking for right now, that both the patients and the providers are comfortable with, to help bridge the gap between the patient and the medical group for the enterprise.

So understanding what the patient's feedback is through the use of Solutionreach surveys has really lifted our patient experience module. Leveraging the appointment reminders to make sure that the patients are on time has been great. Getting the patient more comfortable with the texting has really helped to prepare the patient for a more digitized healthcare future so they're more comfortable with interacting through technology and the healthcare space.

For us in general, no-show rates were not necessarily a big issue. We had less than 10%. Since Solutionreach has gone into place that has dropped 50% more, so we went from say 10% to 5% no-show rates. So I think that's a pretty good success rate.