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Watch now: Engaging Pediatrics

Engaging Pediatric Patients and Their Families Across the Entire Healthcare Journey

SR Health's text-first platform enables nationally top-ranked Boston Children's Hospital to affect more meaningful conversations and interaction with the families it serves.

ALISA MARINO: Boston Children’s hospital has been ranked one of the number one pediatric hospitals in the nation. SR Health put us in a position to allow our staff to truly focus on the biggest task at hand to be most helpful for our families. 

I’m Alisa Marino. I’m a program manager for patient access at Boston Children’s Hospital. Part of my role here in patient access is working on our communication with patients and families. So back in 2018 we actually recognized that we need a more robust tool and a better way to communicate with our patients and families. We wanted to have more meaningful conversations and we wanted to be able to engage patients across their entire journey with us. 

So to do this we not only had our own group looking into what the best possible option could be, we brought in providers and then other internal stake holders like our family advisory council. We always want to empower families when also being mindful that the number of calls not just affects us in answering the phones but also them while they’re waiting on the phone line.

We together actually believe that SR Health was the best fit to remove a lot of the mundane and repetitive tasks that involve any part of patient communication. We knew that it would give patients 24/7 access to a lot of the basic information that they need. Parking, or directions, or anything like that about their appointment. It was a unanimous decision when both our work team and our family advisory council and us, that SR Health was the best fit to meet all of these needs.