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Pediatric Physicians' Organization

Pediatric Physicians' Organization at Children's and SR Health

Pediatric Physicians Organization of Children’s needed a way to communicate bi-directionally with patients. They partnered with SR Health to provider broader and deeper patient communication. It’s facilitating better delivery of care. Find out how in this short video.

NAEL HAFEZ: SR Health has demonstrated their value and their partnership to the Pediatric Physicians' Organization at Children's by giving us exactly what they had promised, which is a platform and a solution that allows us to engage with and communicate directly with our patient population.

The move towards SR Health was the need to have a platform to engage our patients bi-directionally. What we had in place across primary care pediatric network was a one-way limited kind of capability for appointment confirmations, and our practices were asking for the ability to do more. We partnered with SR Health to be able to achieve much broader and much deeper kind of interaction  to enhance the patient experience that our practices and their patients are having.

SR Health has definitely demonstrated the commitment to our partnership on a number of occasions--the work to develop new solutions and new avenues to facilitate delivery of care to our patient population. I did see a significant drop in the percent of no-shows across our network, from five percent to four percent. I think the biggest thing is the bi-directional communication with patients. A lot of practices are using the ability to direct text their patients, and to get a response back via the SR Health platform. 

To manage contactless check-ins, patients notify the practice that they're either in the parking lot, or in their car, or what have you, to reduce the number of folks that are aggregating in their waiting rooms, to keep physical distancing between patients and reduce the amount of traffic in the practice at any given time.  

We require adolescents 13 years and above to have their own MyChart accounts, and their parents and their guardians have reduced access. And so being able to activate them through Solutionreach is going to be a huge win for us. When SR Health noted that we had a gap in terms of our ability to  enable a significant percentage of our patient population on our patient portal, they stepped up to the challenge and they delivered a solution. They are true partners alongside us.