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SR Health Communication for Klein Dermatology

SR Health has improved patient communication for Klein Dermatology

Klein Dermatology has improved patient communication and is keeping patients and staff safe with help from SR Health. Two-way text messaging, digital intake forms, and other features save time, reduce errors, and create a better patient experience.

With SR Health, we're really excited to get to the two-way text messaging. We've found that to be a very helpful communication piece with our patients. They enjoy it, they can just use our main line number. They don't have to learn a new number. They just text right back to us, we get the text messages, whether there be pictures, or a message, and it's just really improved our communication and the convenience for our patients and our staff.  

I'm Karyn Gibbons, I am the office administrator here at Klein Dermatology and Associates.  

The fact that it allows us to have the patient text us pictures helps us with trying to keep our staff and others safe, due to COVID, because COVID, one of the side effects is a rash, and so we like to see every rash visually before they come through the door,  so that we are protecting our staff and also the other patients that happen to be in the building.  

We are excited to do the digital intake forms, having less contact time as they're in the waiting room. We're trying very hard to limit the amount of exposure for the patient, and also for the staff. Having the forms online so they can be filled out before the patient ever walks through the door will save everyone time, and the contact. We are excited for SR Health because it integrates with our Nextech EMR, which will help alleviate human error as we're trying to transfer information from one place to another.