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SR Health Is Solving the Patient Communication Problem

SR Health Is Solving the Patient Communication Problem

SR Health is a system that has been built to work in large healthcare organizations using what we've learned from billions of patient interactions. Find out how it's changing healthcare to build a better future.

JOSH WEINER: SR Health by Solutionreach is the way that we're going to be communicating with our providers for decades to come.

JIM HIGGINS: I think in a word it's experience. We sent the first message ever in healthcare and we've sent billions since.

JOSH WEINER: You know, large healthcare organizations are underserved today when it comes to meeting the needs of their patients and how they communicate with them. And they're using technology from decades ago! That's why they bring us in. To help them solve the problem that they're up against.

LISA SERSHEN: I think we're in a very exciting time as far as healthcare and integration with technology and I think Solutionreach really has the potential to be that platform that everyone is looking for right now that both the patients and the providers are comfortable with to help bridge the gap between the patient and the medical group or the enterprise.

JOSH WEINER: We communicate with over 80 million unique patients each year on a provider to patient basis. 

JIM HIGGINS: How do large hospital systems really work today? We took a step back and really built and tailored a system that can work within that atmosphere and that environment. Doctors can be extended, essentially.

JOSH WEINER: The best technology that uses artificial intelligence. And you combine that with people who know how to bring the best practices into the workflows of the practice. That's where magic happens.

JIM HIGGINS: We can get velocity, efficiency, all those things that doctors want actually to deliver to their patient in a very personalized way. That changes healthcare.