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SR Health is the solution

SR Health is the solution that providers will be using for decades to come!

Healthcare organizations that are using SR Health are finding that it allows them to connect and engage with patients across generations to improve efficiency, revenue, and outcomes.



JOSH WEINER: SR Health by Solutionreach is the way that we're going to be communicating with our providers for decades to come.

LISA SERSHEN: Solutionreach really has the potential to be that platform that everyone is looking for right now, that both the patients and the providers are comfortable with to help bridge the gap between the patient and the medical group or the enterprise.

NAEL HAFEZ: SR Health has demonstrated their value and their partnership to the Pediatric Physicians' Organization at Children's by giving us exactly what they had promised. Which is a platform and a solution that allows us to engage with and communicate directly with our patient population.

CRAIG DREHER: It's quite an expansive patient engagement platform. So we're talking to our patients via text, but we're also integrating SR Health into our Cisco phone system, to our website, and we've got all these modalities that used to have their own little track to get into the PM system and then to schedule out. Now they're all going through the same pipe. Then to add to that you get your clinical BI engine attached to all of this and you've got a full circle.

I don't know if you've had this experience, but you call and the phone rings and rings, or you get the voicemail, and this inherently creates a work loop for the staff. Because now they have to check the voicemail and call you back, and then you might not be on the other end. This is the way to solve that problem! 

JOSH ROY: SR Health has truly allowed us to increase our ability to reach our patients both for their appointment reminders as well as our surveys post-care. 

LISA SERSHEN: For us, in general, no-show rates were not necessarily a big issue. We had less than 10 percent. Since Solutionreach has gone into place that has dropped 50 percent more! So we went from say 10 percent to 5 percent no-show rates so I think that's a pretty good success rate. 

JOSH ROY: 99 percent of our messages are going out via text message. We know we're getting messages out to the patients. We know we're reaching them.

CRAIG DREHER: We're addressing five different generations of people. And they've made it work for all five generations. This is quite compelling! 

JIM HIGGINS: We can get velocity, efficiency, all those things that doctors want, actually, to deliver to their patient in a very personalized way. That changes healthcare!