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Virtual Care that meets everyone's needs

Virtual Care that meets everyone's needs

It's essential to safely deliver care, improve the patient experience, and retain appointment revenue for your organization.

Virtual Care...it’s essential to safely deliver care, improve patient experience, and retain appointment revenue for your organizations. But today’s telehealth workflows are full of challenges and inefficiencies, leaving the patient feeling unprepared, frustrated, and confused.

It’s time for virtual care that meets everyone’s needs-- the doctor, the staff, and the patient. 

That’s SR Health --  a real solution for virtual care.

Imagine a patient has an appointment scheduled for the near future. SR Health is ready to automatically send their first reminder-- and you decide how far in advance that reminder will come. It could be six weeks before, 2 weeks before… really, any cadence you prefer.

On the day of your choosing, SR Health will send the patient an automated text message verifying their appointment.

These messages come from your clinic’s actual phone number, not a short code or alias.

And with a few taps, the patient can save your number to their contacts to make future conversations easy, and quickly add the appointment to their calendar!

SR Health also makes it easy to convert appointments from in-person to virtual. Send one message to a specific patient, or many individual messages to a larger group with a similar appointment. It’s simple either way!

Your staff can view this conversation at any time, and respond as often as required.

As their appointment date approaches, an automated confirmation message is sent to the patient, again at the intervals you decide are best.

The patient can confirm by responding with “Yes,” or any other affirmative wording, or even with emoji. An automated response assures the patient they’ll receive everything they need before their virtual visit-- with no need to download an app or any other software.

But what if the patient has a question before the appointment? It’s as simple as sending a text. Your staff can reply at their convenience. No phone call necessary!

A few hours before the appointment, another automated text is sent with required consent and intake forms, that the patient can fill out right from their device. 

Digital intake forms directly in the flow put convenience and safety at the forefront.

15 minutes before the appointment, the patient receives a message with a clickable link, which takes them to a brief pre-appointment questionnaire that helps ensure a strong internet connection, that the patient has followed instructions to prepare for the visit, and that the patient is in a location where they feel comfortable discussing their health.

The patient is taken to a virtual waiting room. Here, the staff or provider can review the completed forms, or join the session. Staff can meet with the patient beforehand if necessary, and the provider can jump in whenever they’re ready.

There’s no need for staff to check sound or video. It just works!

SR Health's two-way text communication lasts well beyond the appointment. Use text for post-visit care instructions and any other patient communication...all enabled by a simple HIPAA consent message. You have access to the entire conversation history before, during, or after the virtual visit.


Provide virtual care that meets everyone’s needs, when everyone needs it most, with SR Health.