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20 Tips from Health System Leaders and Industry Experts on Surviving COVID

Thursday, September 24th - 1:00 pm EDT
Lea Chatham, Director of Content, SR Health by Solutionreach
Justin Everette, VP, Marketing, SR Health by Solutionreach

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the average decrease in revenue for healthcare organizations has been 36 percent. The challenges of addressing patient care and safety, protecting staff, and surviving financially have never been greater. Those difficulties will likely continue for some time.

In this webinar, we’ve gathered tips, recommendations, and insights from several healthcare thought leaders including Marc Probst, former CIO of Intermountain Healthcare, and Elizabeth Woodcock, founder of the Patient Access Collaborative. If you can take away one helpful suggestion, this webinar will be well worth your time. Although, we are sure you will take away many more.

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