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About SR Health

What are we trying to accomplish with SR Health? It’s simple. Make every person on the planet healthier. We know that’s ambitious, but we’ve never been ones to back down from a challenge. We love it. And we’re confident that we can do it because we are hardly new to this. Solutionreach has been connecting patients to their providers since 2000, when we became the first to text message an appointment reminder to a patient. 

Fast-forward to the present day, and we now connect with over 80 million unique patients, facilitating over two billion interactions annually with their providers. What started as basic reminder communication has evolved into a true patient engagement solution that was built specifically for the unique needs and challenges of large healthcare organizations.

We believe that SR Health is the most practical solution for patient engagement for three reasons:

SR Health allows you to connect through patients’ preferred methods, and its AI-powered communication flows get patients quicker responses to their questions or concerns. Fast answers through preferred channels. Exactly what patients want.

We’ve taken all essential communication points in the patient journey and enabled you to optimize all of them through one platform. It can all be controlled and configured in an enterprise-focused way that includes user access levels, roles and permissions, and more.

Again, we’ve been at this for 20 years now. We’re taking what we’ve learned from billions of patient interactions and turning it into best practices and recommendations that will drive better patient outcomes, improved experience, and greater efficiency for your organization.

Schedule your consultation and hear more about the SR Health story. There’s much more to tell!