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Analytics and Reporting

Do you know what’s working and what needs to be adjusted?
With SR Health, you get insights that let you take action.


Which users and providers are currently set up in SR Health? And, with what roles and permissions? When did your PM/EMR last sync with the SR Health platform? Use these reports to stay organized and manage your SR Health experience.


View your appointment schedule from SR Health, including appointments by provider and how many appointments have been confirmed by patients.


See patient engagement activity on a departmental level. Are there differences in usage and results across different departments? These reports can help you identify trends and best practices to allow the full organization to get the most out of the SR Health platform.

SR Health Is Solving the Patient Communication Problem

SR Health is a system that has been built to work in large healthcare organizations using what we've learned from billions of patient interactions. Find out how it's changing healthcare to build a better future.


Which pre-appointment forms have you sent and to which patients? Get a complete picture so that you can ensure that your staff is as efficient as possible when patients come in.


Get insight into all of your messages with patients, including the time the message was delivered, the status of that message, whether the patient confirmed a scheduled appointment, and more.


Do you need a complete list of your patients and their contact information? Or do you want to download your patient list to slice and dice the information in a different way? No problem. We’ve got you covered.