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chronic care communication

Chronic Care Communication

SR Health provides targeted patient communication for chronic conditions that improves outcomes and revenue.

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Help patients manage chronic conditions with targeted communications.

Managing patients with chronic conditions is a growing challenge in healthcare. It has increased the overall cost of healthcare and the burden on providers. In addition, patient outcomes now impact your bottom line. Fifty-four percent of physicians say that value-based payments are an increasing percentage of how they are reimbursed. Success—both financial and clinical—requires better patient engagement and communication. SR Health allows you to stay in contact through customized, personalized communications that help patients stay on track.

Patient group communication


Communicate with any group of patients in minutes.

You’ve probably discovered that you aren’t able to reach a group of patients, or all patients, quickly and easily without adding a huge burden on your staff. Whether it’s for health emergencies like COVID, preventive care needs like flu shots, or an urgent closure due to natural disaster, those communications have become a necessity, and phone calls are impractical. It takes too much time, and many patients won’t answer. Group messaging from SR Health is significantly more efficient and effective. It can also open the door to ongoing text communication with patients, which can reduce calls while improving engagement.

Reach patients where they are most likely to be with two-way text.

Patient interest in phone calls has been falling for years, and it took a 14 percent dive in 2020 alone. Research shows that people just don’t answer the phone like they used to, and about 20 percent don’t even check voicemail. Meet patients where they are with real-time, two-way text. It’s compliant and convenient with no apps to download. Over 70 percent of your patients want to text back and forth with you, and SR Health lets you do that while staying compliant. Best of all, it supports virtual and in-person care by enabling activities like “park and text” and on-demand support for telehealth.

hippaa texting tool


Online patient schedule tool


Ensure patients schedule their prescribed care visits.

When patients don’t schedule prescribed follow-up care, it’s bad for them and you. Sixty-two percent of physicians agree that non-adherent patients are affecting their quality care metrics. Make sure patients get the care they need to improve outcomes, avoid more costly care down the line, and ensure you can maximize reimbursement with automated recall messages.

Give patients the virtual care options they want.

New research suggests 87 percent of patients haven’t visited the doctor due to fear of going in during COVID-19. More than half of all patients expect telemedicine to be part of their healthcare future. Telehealth can address most issues and helps reduce costs. It is particularly useful for patients with chronic conditions who can do their regular check-ins via telehealth. SR Health provides all the tools to support virtual care, including an easy-to-use secure, high-resolution video visit tool.

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patient texting tool


Configure pre-set communications for chronic conditions and specialties.

Patients forget 40 to 80 percent of what they are told in their visit. SR Health allows you to create custom sequences for specific chronic conditions that include a mix of timing, outreach methods (text, email, phone call), and even patient surveys to get better information about how your patient is doing. These sequences, or flows, help to improve patient care adherence, resulting in fewer re-admittances and visits to the emergency department. As a result, you can improve patient outcomes to increase your value-based care reimbursements.

Addressing the needs of 5 different generations with SR Health.

Craig Dreher, Chief Technology Officer, Community Care Physicians discusses how SR Health is allowing their large organization to communicate with all patients the right way.