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patient experience improvement

How can you drive better outcomes if patients aren’t adhering to care plans?

SR Health provides timely, actionable, and personalized communication to help them stay on track.

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Good patient communication translates into better outcomes.

People get into medicine to help other people. But too often, they end up not spending enough time with patients and too much time on other stuff. SR Health lets you support better care adherence and outcomes with ongoing, personalized interactions with patients that help get them in for the care they need and support their ongoing engagement in their health. It means more engagement with patients without adding more work for providers and staff.

You have pain. SR Health has solutions.

There are so many ways to improve patient care and outcomes with SR Health, but these are few of the ones we think have the biggest impact for you.

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patient experience reminders

Appointment Reminders

No-shows can be as high as 30 percent, resulting in poor outcomes. Delivering automated reminders through SR Health with detailed pre-visit instructions that use patient preferences for timing, language, and delivery method can reduce no-shows to five percent or less.

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patient communication

Two-Way Text

Patient interest in phone calls has been falling for years. Meet patients where they are with real-time, two-way text. Over 70 percent of your patients want to text back and forth with you, and SR Health lets you do that while staying compliant.

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patient experience itinerary

Itinerary Page

Does your organization serve patients who come in for multiple appointments or to see more than one provider? The SR Health Itinerary page allows you to combine information for multiple appointments into a single view and include detailed pre-visit instructions.

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ongoing patient care tool

Ongoing Care Messaging

Patients forget up to 80 percent of post-appointment care instructions, resulting in poor outcomes and reduced reimbursement. Send automated follow-ups to patients to reduce readmittance, improve outcomes, and support value-based care initiatives.

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Medical Center Improves Outcomes and Reduces No-shows by 80%

Community Medical Center strives to meet a wide range of healthcare needs for their rural community. After struggling with a high no-show rate and poor patient outcomes, they decided to implement Solutionreach. Find out about the benefits they have seen.

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Leading healthcare organizations trust SR Health for all of the essential communications that surround patient visits.

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SR Health is improving patient experience for leading healthcare organizations.

They know that SR Health is the most practical and innovative solution to drive patient engagement...and they're seeing the impact every day.