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Patient access

Patients are anxious, confused, and afraid.

And It’s costing your organization.

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SR Health lets you create a personalized patient experience that builds trust.

Creating a better experience for patients means helping alleviate their fear and anxiety so they will come in for the care they need. It also means higher patient retention and satisfaction scores, more patient reviews and referrals, and better outcomes. SR Health gives you the tools to create the best patient experience with a seamless workflow that’s easy to use for staff and patients.

You have pain. SR Health has solutions.

There are so many ways to improve patient experience and access with SR Health, but these are few of the ones we think have the biggest impact for you.

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telehealth services

Virtual Care

SR Health brings the fragmented processes around scheduling, intake and pre-visit screening, appointment reminders, and the actual telehealth encounter into a single, seamless experience. As a result, you can deliver the right mix of care at the right time and at the right place.

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patient access

Touchless Office

New research suggests 87 percent of patients haven’t visited the doctor due to fear. Patients already wanted more digital solutions with many saying that their digital experience impacts their choice of a provider. Give patients the digital communications and interactions they want with SR Health.

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hipaa compliant texting

Two-Way Text

Patient interest in phone calls has been falling for years. Meet patients where they are with real-time, two-way text. Over 70 percent of your patients want to text back and forth with you, and SR Health lets you do that while staying compliant.

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patient satisfaction survey

Patient Surveys

Across healthcare, the average revenue loss in 2020 was nearly 40 percent. To recover, you will need to know how you are doing at meeting changing patient needs. Digital surveys are the best way to do that.

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Multi-site Healthcare Provider Continues to Serve Patients During COVID-19

Find out why Community Health Center, Inc. chose SR Health to help them connect with patients and continue to engage during COVID.

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Leading healthcare organizations trust SR Health for all of the essential communications that surround patient visits.

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SR Health is improving patient experience for leading healthcare organizations.

They know that SR Health is the most practical and innovative solution to drive patient engagement...and they're seeing the impact every day.