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Messaging Services

Get total control over your healthcare communications.
Create a better experience for patients and staff.

Send messages at the right time.

Timing is everything. You can send messages at any time, for any reason.

  • Event-Based: SR Health delivers healthcare communication sequences associated with appointments and other specific care events with configurable timing and frequency to maximize response rates.
  • Real-Time: When there are emergency office closures or other needs to deliver immediate notifications to patients, SR Health empowers you to build, configure, and send those at a moment’s notice.
  • After-Hours: Because patient questions often arise after office hours, SR Health employs AI to get patients immediate answers to routine questions. And if AI can’t handle the response, patients are informed that they’ll get a response ASAP from the staff.

Use patients' preferred contact method.

Patient preferences matter. SR Health lets you ask patients how they want to get their messages and easily send them that way.

  • Text: In a recent survey of patients, 79 percent say they want text messages from their providers. And, not only do they want to receive texts, they want to be able to initiate conversations via text as well. 
  • Email: Email communication is still in high demand, and it’s perfect for many touchpoints throughout the patient journey. From simple, actionable schedule-related and post-care notifications to more robust newsletters and educational communications, email is an important part of an effective patient engagement strategy. 
  • Voice: While many patients prefer digital communications like email and text, others still prefer a phone call. The SR Health platform enables automated voice calls that include patient-specific details like appointment times, dates, and more.
  • RCS: Rich communication is coming but cell phone providers aren’t ready quite yet. Don’t worry though. When they are ready, we’ll be ready to help you deliver the most engaging content to your patients.

Target the right message to the right patients.

Every message isn’t meant for every patient. You need to control who gets which message. With SR Health, that’s as easy as a couple of mouse clicks.

  • Individuals: Engage with individual patients throughout their care journey according to their preferred communication channels (text, email, voice), cadence, and more. 
  • Static Groups: Deliver messaging at scale to groups of patients that you upload into the SR Health platform. 
  • Dynamic Groups: Tailor different messages for groups of patients based on their demographics, diagnoses, providers, or other criteria.

Bridging the Gap between Patients and Providers

Lisa Sershen, chief digital officer at Westmed Medical Group, discusses why she thinks SR Health is the future of patient communication.