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You don’t have time to worry about making sure patients show up.

Let SR Health handle that—and a lot of other tasks!

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SR Health has the tools to make sure patients show ready to go!

You are too busy seeing patients and performing procedures to worry about whether or not patients will show up on time and prepared. But one late or unprepared patient can throw your day off, and so you DO worry about it. That’s where SR Health comes in using personalized patient communications across their journey to get them to your office and help you take care of them after they leave.

How does SR Health support busy ophthalmologists like you?

There are so many ways to keep your schedule—and your patients—on track without adding more burden for staff. These are just a few of the solutions providers like you are using to see the biggest impact:

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Appointment Reminders

Fifty-two percent of patients say they missed appointments because they forgot. Delivering automated reminders with detailed pre-visit instructions can reduce no-shows to five percent or less. That’s a big drop from the average ophthalmology no-show rate of 14 percent!

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Recall Messaging

Patients don’t take care of their vision the way they should. Fifty percent of patients at risk for vision loss haven’t seen an eye doctor in the last year. With SR Health, you can send automated recall reminders. That’s why SR Health users see a boost of $95,000 a year in recall per provider.

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Ongoing Care Messaging

Patients forget up to 80 percent of post-appointment care instructions, resulting in poor outcomes and reduced reimbursement. Send automated follow-up patients to reduce complications and improve outcomes and experience.

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Two-Way Text

Survey says… patients don’t want phone calls. Text is faster and more convenient. Communicate with multiple patients simultaneously to answer questions, coordinate care, and create a better experience for everyone.

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SR Health is different.

The #1 solution for messaging in healthcare hands-down. There isn’t even a second place. Why the confidence?

It’s patient-friendly.

80 million patients connect with their providers through SR Health technology.

million patients

It’s organization-friendly.

Built for hospitals and healthcare enterprises with all the integrations.


We’re obsessed with success.

20 years of experience and all the guidance you'll need to reach your goals.

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