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Your patients need more support and engagement than ever, but who has the time?

It’s a great question. And it’s why we built SR Health.

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SR Health can personalize patient engagement to keep you on schedule while improving outcomes and revenue.

You don’t need us to tell you how busy you are or that one late patient can throw off your whole day. You need patients to show up on time and prepared for clinic visits and surgeries, and you need them to follow your instructions to recover and avoid unnecessary hospitalizations. You know you need to engage patients more, but you struggle to find the time. SR Health can help you connect with patients, improve outcomes, and increase revenue.

How does SR Health serve orthopedists like you?

There are so many ways to improve engagement and outcomes while keeping your schedule on track without adding more burden for staff. These are just a few of the solutions providers like you are using to see the biggest impact:

Schedule Your Consultation

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Appointment Reminders

Fifty-two percent of patients say they missed appointments because they forgot. Delivering automated reminders with detailed pre-visit instructions can reduce no-shows to five percent or less. That’s a lot more patients showing up on time and prepared.

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Pre-Visit instructions

One of the fastest ways to throw the schedule off is patients showing up unprepared. It can delay appointments or mean losing revenue due to last minute rescheduling. Use SR Health to make sure patients show up ready to go.

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Two-Way Text

Patient interest in phone calls has been falling for years. Meet patients where they are with real-time, two-way text. Over 70 percent of your patients want to text back and forth with you, and SR Health lets you do that while staying compliant. 

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Care Messaging

Patients forget up to 80 percent of post-appointment care instructions, resulting in poor outcomes and reduced reimbursement. Send follow-up texts or emails to members reminding them about important information related to their diagnosis to reduce readmittance, improve outcomes, and keep costs in check.

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SR Health is different.

The #1 solution for messaging in healthcare hands-down. There isn’t even a second place. Why the confidence?

It’s patient-friendly.

80 million patients connect with their providers through SR Health technology.

million patients

It’s organization-friendly.

Built for hospitals and healthcare enterprises with all the integrations.


We’re obsessed with success.

20 years of experience and all the guidance you'll need to reach your goals.

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