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appointment reminder

Appointment Reminders

A full schedule improves patient outcomes while maximizing your revenue. SR Health automates reminders using patient preferences for maximum impact.

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Reduce patient no-shows and increase confirmations to keep your schedule full.

No-show rates can be 10 to 30 percent, costing you tens, or even hundreds, of thousands of dollars a year and resulting in poorer outcomes for patients. Delivering automated reminders through SR Health that use patient preferences for timing, language, and delivery—text, email, voice—can reduce no-shows to five percent or less.

patient appointment reminders


Deliver timely appointment reminders.

Fifty-two percent of patients say they missed appointments because they forgot. Enough already! Delivering automated reminders that use patient preferences can reduce no-shows to five percent or less. Just as valuable, eighty-five percent of providers say automated reminders improve patient experience.

Increase appointment confirmations from patients.

When patients don’t respond to reminders, or respond with unrecognizable messages to confirm appointments, staff are left doing tedious manual follow up—often by phone. Ouch! Because SR Health uses patient preferences and AI to deliver messages, it is more effective at capturing confirmations even when the response is a thumbs-up emoji. Those automated reminders can increase patient appointment confirmations by as much as 156 percent.

patient confirmation stats


patient pre-visit instructions


Provide pre-visit instructions for scheduled appointments.

One of the fastest ways to throw the schedule off is patients showing up unprepared. It can delay appointments or mean losing revenue due to last minute rescheduling. Providing pre-appointment instructions within automated reminders helps patients show up on time and ready to go.

Make it easy for patients to see details for multiple appointments

Does your organization serve patients who come in for multiple appointments or to see more than one provider? The SR Health Itinerary page allows you to combine information for multiple appointments into a single view and include other pre-visit instructions, including access to a map or wayfinding from the parking lot to the provider’s office.

patient appointment itinerary


Benefits of Automated Appointment Reminders

There are measurable benefits to using automated scheduling flows. And, they aren’t just monetary, although return on investment is a given when more patients show up and schedule needed care. Better communication improves efficiency, experience, and outcomes.

Providers said they had:

Better communication with patients
More engaged patients
Reduced phone time