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automated patient recall

Automated Patient Recall

Get patients in for the care they need when they need it. Use demographics and diagnosis to send targeted reminders.

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SR Health automates recall to improve patient experience and outcomes.

Many patients don’t schedule the care they need. You can change that and improve both their outcomes and your bottom line with automated recall from SR Health that is based on demographics or diagnoses. The majority of providers believe automated recall improves both patient outcomes and experience.

automated patient recall


Automate recall notifications to improve outcomes.

About 30 percent of people don’t schedule needed preventive care. With SR Health, you can send automated recall reminders based on specific demographics, or diagnoses. Reduce the need for emergency care and readmissions while keeping the schedule full. Seventy-eight percent of providers and staff believe automated recall improves patient outcomes.

Ensure patients schedule their prescribed care visits.

When patients don’t schedule prescribed follow-up care, it’s bad for them and you. Sixty-two percent of physicians agree that non-adherent patients are affecting their quality care metrics. Make sure patients get the care they need to improve outcomes, avoid more costly care down the line, and ensure you can maximize reimbursement.

patient scheduling software


patient emergency notifications


Alert patients of emergency closings and schedule changes.

Patients have similar expectations of service from healthcare and non-healthcare companies. Showing up to find out the office is closed or the provider is out is a sure-fire way to lose a patient. Message specific groups of patients via text, email, and voice for any reason at any time. Minimize the time staff spend contacting patients to cancel and reschedule appointments due to unexpected scheduling changes.

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It's essential to safely deliver care, improve the patient experience, and retain appointment revenue for your organization.


Automated Patient Recall FAQ

Effective patient recall helps get patients appointments for the care they need when they need it. Automated patient recall electronically sends out recall appointment reminders to patients, freeing up staff from tedious and time-consuming phone call reminder efforts. Automated patient recall reminder text messages can be customized from your practice management (PM) system using demographics or diagnoses such as for patients needing critical preventive care or chronic care management.

Automated patient recall helps you get patients the care they need which also fills up appointment schedules and increases revenue. Since its automated, electronic patient recall saves staff valuable time and reduces the volume of phone calls needed to remind patients to schedule an appointment. The majority of providers believe automated recall improves both patient outcomes and experience.

SR Health automated recall ensures proper care for your patients as well as consistent recurring revenue for your practice. In addition to filling your schedule with patients, automated recall is also beneficial when pairing it with a recall strategy to encourage patients to make and keep recall appointments. This results in better care for patients, a full schedule for providers, and increased revenue for your practice. The steps critical to setting up an effective recall strategy in tandem with the SR Health solution include setting a cadence, determining how often messages are sent, following up on recall requests, and ensuring your recall information is up to date.

SR Health’s automated patient recall solution ensures that patients receive much-need text message reminders to schedule appointments for care. Whether it be for a diabetes A1C check or other chronic care management, SR Health’s automated recall is both effective and efficient in getting patients the care they need. Since 30 percent of people don’t schedule the preventive care they need, automated recall based on specific demographics or diagnoses significantly increases the chances that patients will schedule appointments while reducing the need for more costly emergency care and readmissions.

Recall messaging is based on a patient’s recall appointment date. The SR Health solution reads this information from your practice management (PM) software. If an appointment date is not available, the solution bases the recall message off of the last kept appointment.