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Patient communication

Patient Group Messaging

There are a lot of reasons to stay connected to patients.
Targeted outreach from SR Health throughout the year lets you do that.

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SR Health makes it easy to stay connected to groups of patients, or all patients, when you need to.

You’ve probably discovered that you aren’t able to reach a group of patients, or all patients, quickly and easily without adding a huge burden on your staff. Whether it’s for health emergencies like COVID, preventive care needs like flu shots, or an urgent closure due to natural disaster, those communications have become a necessity, and phone calls are impractical. It takes too much time, and many patients won’t answer. Group messaging from SR Health is significantly more efficient and effective.

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Stay connected with patients through customized campaigns.

It’s important to keep patients up to date on new services, new providers, upcoming events, and more. If you are really going to work on keeping patients engaged in their wellness and coming back for needed care, it takes more than an annual exam. Create customized educational and marketing campaigns for everyone or specialized campaigns that are targeted to specific groups. Fifty-two percent of consumers said they are more likely to switch brands if a company doesn’t make an effort to personalize communications to them. Patient outreach throughout the year is another way to do just that.

Alert patients of emergency closings and schedule changes.

Patients have similar expectations of service from healthcare and non-healthcare companies. Showing up to find out the office is closed or the provider is out is a sure-fire way to lose a patient. Message specific groups of patients via text, email, and voice for any reason at any time. Minimize the time staff spend contacting patients to cancel and reschedule appointments due to unexpected scheduling changes.

Emergency patient communication


Mass patient communication


Keep patients up to date with mass health alerts.

Stuff happens. Flu. Whooping cough. Patient engagement can be the key to improving outcomes. Sometimes you need to get information out to patients about health-related issues in the community. Quickly send a mass health alert communication to all patients.

SR Health is solving the patient communication problem.

SR Health is a system that has been built to work in large healthcare organizations using what we've learned from billions of patient interactions. Find out how it's changing healthcare to build a better future. Surrounded by smart, passionate people and with the best tools and approaches at your disposal, you’ll take giant leaps toward creating a business.