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Online Scheduling

Online appointment scheduling for ambulatory care needs to be easy.
Let patients schedule appointments anywhere at any time from any device.

Reduce the amount of time it takes to schedule an appointment.

Scheduling on the phone is a beast. It takes an average of eight minutes per appointment. No surprise, some of that is time spent on hold. And, patients now say they won’t wait on hold for more than a minute, and if they hang up, they won’t call back. Appointment lost. It just isn’t practical or efficient for patients or staff. Online scheduling is available 24/7 so patients can schedule at their convenience. No waiting on hold. Fewer calls into your facility. Online scheduling has even been shown to get patients in sooner, reducing wait times for an appointment. Everybody wins.

Customize online scheduling to get exactly the information you want.

SR Health online scheduling integrates with your schedule and can be completely customized. A link can be placed on your website, your Google profile, social media pages, and in emails and text messages. The number of links you can use is unlimited. Put it anywhere, and make scheduling easier for patients and staff. Patients can easily boo through web or mobile. Customize appointment types, length, descriptions, providers, and more. You can even choose what information is required to book. Patients will book the right appointment, for the right length of time, so you don't waste time for your patients or your staff.

Reduce data entry and errors.

Over 60 percent of billing denials result from things like data entry errors. That’s an easy fix. Remove as much data entry as possible. With SR Health online scheduling, you choose what information patients need to provide, and the system makes it easy for them to enter it quickly. Patients can snap a pic of their insurance card to upload. Best of all, if it’s an existing patient, the system pre-fills the demographics and confirms it’s accurate. Patients get the right appointment, fast, and staff spend less time entering data.

Bridging the Gap between Patients and Providers

Lisa Sershen, chief digital officer at Westmed Medical Group, discusses why she thinks SR Health is the future of patient communication.