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Patient Follow-up Communication

Improving outcomes can help you meet requirements for value-based care programs.
SR Health gives you the tools to increase patient compliance and track their experience.

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Patients forget 40 to 80 percent of post-appointment care instructions, resulting in poor outcomes and reduced reimbursement. Send automated follow-up instructions and education to patients based on appointment type to reduce readmittance, improve outcomes, and support value-based care initiatives.

Create targeted patient education.

The number one reason for poor care adherence is poor provider-patient communication. In short, patients don’t know what to do and providers need to do more to support them. A 15-minute visit just isn’t enough to change behavior. Create targeted educational campaigns to maintain an ongoing connection with patients while engaging them in their own wellness, reducing emergency care, and improving management of chronic conditions. Ninety-two percent of patients feel more connected to the hospital and take better care of themselves because of the digital patient education they receive.

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Increase co-pay collection.

Sixty-four percent of physicians say that increasingly their patients are paying for services that are not covered by insurance. Facilities often struggle to collect co-pays and other amounts due at the time of service. To increase collections and improve the patient billing experience, offer a simple mobile solution to pay at the time of service.

Deliver timely post-visit payment reminders.

Patients receive an average of three statements before they pay their bill. The longer it takes to collect, the less money is collected. At 60 days the collection amount drops to 60-75 percent. Sending reminders via text message as soon as the amount due is known, significantly speeds up the process, helping increase the amount collected.

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