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Patient Intake

Digital patient intake is a no-brainer for healthcare.
Save time and money and improve patient experience with electronic patient forms.

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Increase efficiency with digital intake.

Paper is really inefficient. It can cause delays at check in, putting your office behind schedule. Duplicate data entry can cause billing errors and claim denials. And patients hate paper because it’s tedious and inconvenient, creating a poor experience. No wonder 51 percent say they prefer a doctor who lets them fill out paperwork online. Digital intake allows patients to complete forms at their convenience. It ensures information is accurate and up-to-date, saving time for staff.

Save money with electronic forms.

Paper is also really expensive. It can take up as much as three percent of annual revenue. Reduce paper-related costs, while saving time for both patients and staff by using electronic patient forms. It also allows you to eliminate errors from duplicate data entry which contribute to claim denials. Up to 61 percent of denials come from things like data entry errors.

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Simplify the patient intake process.

Manage and customize the intake process to get exactly the information you need while making it easier for patients.
  • Create a form or packet of forms for your specialty
  • Send intake forms to patients as a link via text or email
  • Offer an option to complete forms on a device in the office
  • Upload completed information and write back data to certain practice management and EHR system or SR Health
  • Stay HIPAA compliant and protect patient data

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Digital Patient Intake FAQ

Digital patient intake gives patients the ability to complete pre-appointment paperwork electronically on their own mobile device or web browser. It allows them to fill out and submit important information at their leisure rather than having to fill it out prior to the care visit on a clipboard in a provider’s waiting room, which can delay appointment check-in and throw off a provider’s schedule.

Digital intake allows a patient to complete pre-appointment forms on their own timeframe and in the comfort of their own home making for a better patient experience. For the provider, digital intake streamlines the check-in process getting patients to their appointments faster, eliminates paper form processing time, reduces unnecessary and pricy paper costs, and reduces potential manual paperwork transcription errors. Online check-in can also help improve no-show and cancellation rates and protects patient privacy in compliance with protected health information (PHI) guidelines. And with the COVID-19 pandemic, no one wants to touch a physical clipboard when its unnecessary.

A provider can use SR Health’s digital intake for specific patient information, demographics, questionnaires about individual personal health or family history, and consent forms that patients can read and sign.

Paper can be expensive and take up as much as three percent of a provider’s annual revenue. SR Health’s digital intake reduces paper-related costs while saving time for both patients and staff by using electronic patient forms. The solution also allows you to eliminate errors from duplicate data entry which contribute to claim denials.

Security authentication is required to pre-populate any patient data. Security authentication ensures that only the patient or another authorized person views or completes the intake forms. Patients are asked to confirm their date of birth and select their mailing address from a list.

SR Health digital intake manages and customizes the intake process to get exactly the information providers need while making the experience easier for patients. With the SR Health solution, providers can create a form or packet of forms customized to their specialty. Intake forms can be sent to patients as a link in a text or email. SR Health digital intake uploads completed information and write-back data to specified practice management or electronic health record (EHR) software or to the SR Health solution.