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patient satisfaction survey

Patient Surveys

Improving patient experience is your priority.
Let us help you find out how and what to improve through patient surveys.

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Customize surveys to get the feedback you need.

Customized patient surveys for the entire organization or just specific groups. You get exactly the feedback you need and want. That patient feedback can show you your strengths and where you need to make improvements to improve the experience and improve your bottom line.

Send automated electronic surveys for the best results.

No one has the time to send out surveys individually to all patients. It’s such a painful way to get feedback. Surveys need to be automated and electronic for you and your patients. Ninety-one percent of people prefer to complete a feedback survey online via a website or email. SR Health automates patient surveys to track satisfaction and get feedback. With SR Health, patients get the survey when you want them to so their feedback is fresh in their mind.
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Target surveys to get the right feedback from the right patients.

Things change, and you see different patients for different reasons. The larger your organization is, the more flexibility you need to gather feedback. That’s why patient surveys shouldn’t come in a one-size-fits-all package. They should be targeted to get the best results. Leverage the customization within SR Health and target patient surveys to specific groups to further improve patient relationships and loyalty.

Patient Surveys

Patient surveys are brief questionnaires patients complete to give a provider feedback on their practice’s performance. Patient surveys are critical to the success of a provider because they provide real-world data about the patient experience. Patient surveys can be used to gauge patient satisfaction, evaluate a provider’s customer service, or learn if new services are resonating with patients.

Patient satisfaction surveys help providers know what they are doing well and where there’s room for improvement. Surveys help providers know which specific areas they need to target to enhance the patient experience. Patient satisfaction also plays a large role in retention and reimbursement. Improvements that generate higher levels of patient satisfaction will result in fuller appointment schedules.  

Yes, SR Health patient survey content can be completely customized so that providers get the feedback they need instead of being confined to a pre-determined list of questions. SR Health customized patient surveys can generate more valuable patient feedback, which leads to greater transparency about a provider’s strengths and areas that need improvement.

SR Health patient surveys can help providers get effective feedback because they are automated and electronic. No one has time to send out surveys individually to all patients. Ninety-one percent of people prefer to complete a feedback survey online via a website or email. Digital, automated patient surveys enable providers to reach the greatest number of patients while offering them the ease of completing the survey on a smartphone or computer for quick results and higher completion rates.

Patients have varying needs and reasons for seeking care from providers, so surveys shouldn’t come in a one-size-fits-all package. The larger an organization is, the more flexibility its needs to gather feedback on various topics. SR Health patient surveys allow providers to target surveys to specific patient groups to get the right feedback from the right patients.

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