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Solution Sets

Looking to solve big problems. We've got big solutions that provide end-to-end communication for challenges from chronic care to virtual care. 

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Chronic Care Communication

Managing patients with chronic conditions is a growing challenge in healthcare. It has increased the overall cost of healthcare and the burden on providers. In addition, patient outcomes now impact your bottom line. Success—both financial and clinical—requires better patient engagement and communication. SR Health allows you to stay in contact through customized, personalized communications that help patients stay on track.

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Patient Appointment Messaging

Being a successful healthcare organization means having a full schedule. It’s key to financial success and the best patient outcomes. But no-show rates across healthcare can be as high as 30 percent, and in some specialties up to 40 percent of patients don’t schedule needed preventive and follow-up care. SR Health supports all the messaging needed to ensure patients schedule appointments and show up on-time and prepared. With SR Health solutions and best practices, providers can significantly reduce no-shows, increase appointments made for needed care, and provide a seamless, digital experience that supports any type of appointment.

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Touchless Office

New research suggests 87 percent of patients haven’t visited the doctor due to fear of visiting a healthcare facility during COVID-19. Patients already wanted more digital solutions with many saying that their digital experience impacts their choice of a provider. Give patients the digital communications and interactions they want with SR Health.

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Virtual Care

SR Health brings the fragmented processes around scheduling, intake and pre-visit screening, appointment reminders, and the actual telehealth encounter into a single, seamless experience. Healthcare organizations can access an end-to-end solution that facilitates both face-to-face and virtual visits by text, phone, or video. As a result, providers can deliver the right mix of care at the right time and at the right place.

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